Saturday, December 13, 2014

Clarsonic #sponsored #crowdtap

Crowdtap, a social media marketing company, has it's users (me) answer questions and perform actions for different corporate brands.

Clarsonic asked users to create a holiday look, post a picture, describe the look and write a blog post about the look.

Clarsonic is an electric skin cleansing brush. I don't have one but, I wanted to try the holiday look.

My holiday look is simple. I French-braided my hair and did a bold red lip. This is an easy look and can be used for many different types of holiday situations. I like a nice bold lip. With my dark hair and fair skin, I like to use lipsticks in the blue-red spectrum.

I made sure I started with clean hair and clean skin.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Scott Naturals Tube-Free #sponsored

Through Crowdtap I got a sample of Scott Naturals Tube-Free bathroom tissue. Fancy speak for really good toilet paper.
 I do not believe that all toilet papers are created equal. I have an issue with lint. After doing some very weird research that probably put me on a list somewhere, I found out about a few brands that were low-lint. Unfortunatly, many brands change the make-up of their products over the years so, I am always in search of a good low-lint roll.

Crowdtap offered me a change to sample Scott Naturals Tube-Free toilet tissue. They sent me a 4-pack, asked me to share with a friend and write a review.
Sharing is caring. I bought it at Walmart not Targtet.
I did everything they asked me to do. I shared a roll with my mother-in-law. MIL liked it and then launched into a story about WWII, toilet paper and sanitary napkins. That was her way of saying she liked it and that it was an improvement over ancient methods of wiping. She also liked not having to do an extra step of changing the cardboard roll.
Scott has been off my radar for a while because it was one of the higher-lint products according to my weird research. Thank you Crowdtap!
I really like Scott Naturals. It is a very low-lint toilet paper, it feels good and I don't have to change the roll.
Would I spend my own money? Yes.
Would I buy this on my own? Yes.
Would I recommend this product to other people? Yes.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Zep Sponsored Cleaning

I just joined Crowdtap! I will dedicate another post to Crowdtap and it's program later but for now, I want to type about the sponsored sampling opportunity I got with Zep cleaners.

I enjoyed my experience. This was my first time trying a Zep product and I was impressed.  Zep handled different jobs around my house with power and ease. I was able to remove stuck-on food and a few mystery stains.

Here is a picture of my sample and the instruction sheet.

So, I went around the house and looked for stains that would challenge the cleaners.

First, I went for the rust stain left on my sink by my brass scouring pad. (The shinier cousin of steel wool.) I had attempted to clean the brass stain off the sink using my vinegar cleaner. I gave up after a few scrubs. My theory was that I was going to find a tougher cleaner and try again later. I didn't

Husband got me a cleaning crew for our anniversary. Husband is a good husband.

The crew did a great job cleaning the floors and de-stanking the boy's bathroom.

The brass stain remained.

I used a few spritzes (the sample was a tiny bottle) of the Zep All-Around Oxy Cleaner & Degreaser and waited the recommended 1 minute. I wiped off the stain with a paper towel. The brass stain the professional cleaners didn't remove came off without any effort.

Impressive! Normally, I have to scrub, rub or let the stain 'soak' for a while.

I was also able to clean a nasty stain behind the toilet. Yes, one of those nasty ones.


This time, I use the Zep Quick Clean Disinfectant and waited 2 minutes. It was worth the wait. Again, I  was able to remove the nastiness easily and quickly with a paper towel.

I have been using the Zep samples since I have completed the Zep challenges. So far, I really like the product. I would actually spend money on Zep in the future. That is the real result of the sampling.

Did I like it?: Yes
Would I buy it with my own money?: YES