Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I have a label maker!

I got myself a happy, the Dymo LetraTag at Michael's Crafts the other day. I've been eying different label makers for a while and I had a grouchy day so, I used my 40% coupon and got one. I debated getting one because I don't really *need* one.

The reviews on the lower priced models were mixed for both the Dymo and the Brother brands. The biggest negative reviews were aimed at the battery-sucking power usage. There is an adapter available for an additional $26.25 for the Dymo (more than the price of the unit!). Some people had issues with the tapes, the cutting blade or had odd printing problems. For a product under $30, they seemed like minor problems.

I knew this was the label maker for me when I discovered that it has an alligator border feature! It draws a little alligator around my words!

The ink washed off but the label stayed on in the dishwasher. The tape that comes with the unit is not made for water. A label I put on a plastic storage bin peeled off. I put it on a rounded corner, I don't know if that helped with the peeling-off-ness.

The keyboard is in alphabetical order rather than the qwerty I am used to, it takes a bit longer for me to find the right letters. There are so few keyboards that are in alphabetical order so, I am not sure why they chose that layout.

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