Sunday, January 04, 2015

Kleenex Brand Believers

I’m a member of the Crowdtap Kleenex Brand® rewards program, and Kleenex® Brand sent me this product to review. #KleenexCare #KleenexBrandBelievers Link to Kleenex coupon.

I enjoyed reviewing Kleenex Anti-Viral and Kleenex Tissues with Lotion. Kleenex is a brand that I trust and it was nice to be given the chance to use and share two of the types they offer. I really liked the Anti-Viral. They have a great feel and didn't get too moist after a good 'blow'. Don't use them around your eyes, there are chemicals in the tissues that will make your eyes water.

My mom loved the Kleenex with lotion. They were soft, strong and didn't leave your nose feeling greasy. They were really helpful on days when I had to do a lot of blowing.

We took the Kleenex with lotion to the beach on Christmas day (my mom lives in NC).
Oh, my friend at Belle South Blog wrote a great blog about Kleenex and a nasal cleanser.

Throughout the month of December, Kleenex had me perform different picture challenges.

Take a selfie with Kleenex and fashion.

Find the holiday Kleenex. I like the snowmen.

Decorate your Kleenex box. I did mine with washi tape.

Here are some Kleenex towels in the work bathroom.

 Collage with Kleenex.

Sharing Kleenex in the library.

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