Sunday, August 16, 2015

What "Admin please delete..." Really Means

I am the admin for a medium-sized (9,000+ members) Facebook group and I have seen many types of members come through my group. The majority of people who join a group do so to get resources related to the group topic. The majority of the people who join a group are very nice people.

I do my best to run a pleasant group. I try to use nice words in my reminders to follow the group's rules. I only have one rule that when broken, will get someone deleted from the group. There is only one phrase that will make me very grumpy.

"Admin please delete if not allowed..." This phrase is usually followed by something that is either not related to the group or something that violates the rules of the group. To admins this means the poster didn't bother to read the rules, hasn't spent enough time in the group to see what gets posted or doesn't care about the group and just wants their post to be seen.

Maybe this real-world example can explain:

The Library

Recently, you have seen a lot of posts about The Library from your friends. A segment about The Library appeared on one of those morning talk shows. A friend recommended that you try The Library. Everything you heard made The Library sound great and you decide to try it.

You go to The Library! Good for you for trying something new!

Posted on the door of the library is a sign that reads "Quiet, Please". As you enter The Library, you remember an article about The Library and that people in The Library also like classical music. You find a classical song on your phone, hit play and turn up the volume. As you walk past the librarian, you say "If music isn't allowed, please tell me to turn it off" and keep walking.

Admin please delete? Okay, since you asked so nicely...

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