Monday, October 19, 2015

Kleenex Pocket Packs #sponsored

Crowdtap and Kleenex sent me a lovely package of Kleenex Pocket Packs so I could give them a test and practice some kindness around town.

Kleenex and Crowtap wanted me to take pictures of me being kind to people by giving them either individual tissues or the entire packet. I liked the idea of sharing but, it's hard to get pictures of kindness when you are the one giving the kindness.

"Before I give you a tissue for your sneezing attack, let me snap a picture!"

I didn't do too well on the photo-challenges for this sampling.

There is an elderly man at the library who is always on the computers when I drop off or pick up my books. I noticed him sniffling the other day so I gave him one of my packs. He was very grateful but a bit embarrassed so I didn't ask to snap his picture.

On trash day, after I tossed my used poop bag in a full trash can, my dog decided to poop again. I used one of the tissues from my pocket pack to clean it up. I wasn't going to use my poopy hand to take a picture.

Honestly, I didn't need a sampling to know about the positive reasons for carrying Kleenex around with me. I bring a pack on all of my airplane travel. There is always a reason to need a tissue on an airplane. Tiny drink spilled, runny nose, dry air made my eyes tear, and many other in-flight incidents. I'm already a fan.

I received a sample of Kleenx Pocket Packs for testing purposes.

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