Friday, March 17, 2006

More Toddler Tales

He's a smart little thing. Well, smarter than I think he is. I am always amazed at his intuitive leaps and his comprehension. Yeah, I'm a proud mama!

Husband took a half day off so I could have a half day off. I went shopping and got a massage. My fave thrift store was having a sale so I went a bit nuts. I bought some crappy jeans and I plan to decorate them with a bleach pen. Well, I will probably have to wait until my mother gets here. Bleach and toddler do not mix. I also got books and a bag of toys for the baby. I have a day off and I shop for him. I also missed him a little.

The day off was great. Husband it a wonderful husband for giving me these days. I'd go nuts without them. Just going to the grocery store with the toddler takes twice as long and I get half as much done. The half days allow me to shop at my own pace.


  1. Blog, woman! I love to bloghop and check your writings out.

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