Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sesame Place - Day One

We got to our hotel, checked in an unloaded. Since it was early afternoon, we decided to head over and check out the park. When we got there, we noticed a lot of people leaving and the gates to enter the park, closed. A thunderstorm had been sighted and they were closing the park. Son was a bit sad but he knew he had a lot planned for tomorrow.

We got our passes from the window, and a picture of Son in front of the closed gates and then went off in search of entertainment. Entertainment was found in the form of Target.

A few things to know about Jersey: They are mean to their drivers. To make a left turn, the driver must first make a right, then try to get back to the road and then go across an intersection. It makes about the same amount of sense in writing as it does in driving. In brief, driving in Jersey was annoying. the GPS was only slightly helpful.

Our hotel was in Jersey and the park is in PA. Next time, we're staying in the same state as the park.

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