Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Wilderness Blogging

We went camping in Rocky Gap this past weekend. Ah, camping with a 4 year old.

Husband had found a tent and some sleeping bags on sale so we had some equipment. Camping would be a lot more fun if it didn't require so much equipment to be comfortable! Friends of ours camp regularly so they allowed us to share their good stuff.

Our friends have a lot of nifty equipment to make camping more comfortable. They have a camp stove and love to do a little gourmet cooking. We ate well when it was their turn to cook.

For lunch on our last day, I brought hot dogs, chicken sausages and beans. I wanted to give the boys something to cook over the fire. I found marshmallow forks in the Dollar Spot at Target because it isn't always easy to find a perfect stick. Okay, I bought them because they were a dollar and I thought they were cute. We put the stick through the middle of the hot dogs and split the ends so they would spider out when they cooked. It was a version of octo-dogs. I think the boys had more fun cooking than eating. The night before, Son got tired of eating s'mores and offered to cook marshmallows for everyone. A grate was provided over the fire pit so I put the cans on the grate over the fire to cook. I felt so chuck-wagony!

I froze the hot dogs and sausages so they were thawed by the time lunch came around on the second/last day. They helped to keep the other stuff cold and were ready to go when we needed them.

I like camping in short bursts. I don't know if I would like it for a week or more. One or two nights seem to be my limit. I like my house. I like my bed. I like a clean and private bathroom. I like my electronics! Nice to visit but, I wouldn't want to live there.

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