Tuesday, May 26, 2009

X-treme food!

If it has X in the name, the food must be exciting, right? X-treme pizza! X-treme juice! I've noticed a lot of misspelled X-foods on the market. My 4-year-old is more about the taste than the name, for the moment. Tonight that changed. We had X-ghetti for dinner. He has never mispronounced it before so it really stuck out. Was it the mild sausages I used instead of the regular meatballs? Maybe the garlic bread really matched well with the sauce. Did I really create something worthy of an X-rating?

I thought the X generation was lazy and the Y generation had all the energy and sporty-ness. How did the letter X become exciting? Does it remind people of a 'keep out' sign? Does it remind people of the word exotic? How did this letter become associated with fun food and wacky sports?

Lunchables has changed their packaging to a more sedate look, recently. Gone are the big lettering and wild adjectives. Now, the boxes show pictures of the food with simple descriptions of the food. Are we no longer extreme? The intended audience is still kids but, they removed all the kid-attracting kooky-ness. I say the intended audience is still kids because their website has pictures of kids, not adults, having fun and their current contest is for a summer camp. What changed?

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