Friday, March 06, 2009

Food and Friends or Food as Friends?

The owner of Studio 54, Steve Rubell, told the bouncer he wanted a 'tossed salad' of people in the club. What was in the tossed salad of the 70s? The actual real salad. Lettuce, some stray vegetables maybe some real imitation bacon bit?

This is what he wanted in his club? To me, that does not make for a diverse crowd. Heck, I add a lot of weird stuff to my salad when we have "Big Salad Night" and I still wouldn't consider it very diverse.

I don't own a club but, I like diversity within my group of friends. Smorgasbord? Buffet? Oh, maybe a Vegas-style buffet? The buffet at the Rio was huge!

Does the food represent my friends or do the stations of food? I think I lost myself in my own metaphor.

I had many different types of people in my circle of friends. Sometimes, they didn't get along with one another and it would make for awkward parties.

Do your friends fit in one bowl or do you need a few plates?

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