Saturday, December 19, 2009

Game Love - Coconut Queen

I have fallen in love with a new game, Coconut Queen! For the gamer, it's a time management/build-a-lot kind of game.

You are an employee of Colorado Coconut Company and are transferred to their tropical island to help business. Once there, you become their queen and help to build up the resort and bring prosperity back to the island.

Build resorts! Restore rainforests! Wrestle sharks! Ogle the hunks!

There are 7 locations around the island with 55 levels for building (on some levels, destroying). Hunky men do your bidding and confirm your instructions with phrases like "Yes, your lusciousness" and "Anything you say".

The first half-hour is a bit dull but, the game is addictive and funny. Very funny. Finishing levles earns you ruby which you can use for useful upgrades or reaching new map locations. The upgrades are actually noticable and can help with game play.

The story is cute. The animation is nicely done and they put in some cute effects. The female tourists sigh when the hunky builders run past. The hunky builders leave footprints when they run across the sand.

I highly suggest the Gamezebo walk-through not for playing the game but for the suggestions on when to use the upgrades and how to earn tikis.

This game made me giggle. I played it through twice and also did the freeplay. After playing for a while in free play mode, I earned the last building. I think I played it for an hour total. Maybe? The free play mode gives occasional goals and events too keep it from getting dull.

After arguing with my 5-year-old it's nice to hear "We live to serve you".

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