Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vacuum Love (No, really)

Is love too strong of a word for a vacuum? Allow me to explain, I have a Roomba. We got it on sale a few years ago and I still love it. I hate vacuuming. It's noisy. It smells funny. It's noisy. It's cumbersome. And, it's noisy. My hearing is a bit sensitive and the vacuum is almost painful.

Husband got me a Roomba. We set up the walls, cleaned the floor and set it off. My son and I sat on the couch and watched it work. We actually sat there and watched it spin around the room! My son named it and insisted it liked music and dancing while it worked. If he leaves the room, I am instructed to dance until he gets back.

Likes: It is quieter than a regular vacuum. It goes on it's own. It makes us keep the floors cleaner. My son likes to clean for it. The customer service is great, if you get a seasoned operator. Some models come with a docking station so the Roomba will park itself and charge.

Dislikes: The walls broke early. The walls don't work all that well when they do work. The customer service sucks, if you get a new operator. The house alarm can't be set (the Roomba will bump into things and things might fall). The connection on the charger is a bit loose and gets worse over time.

We got one for my MIL and she hated it. She also has trouble using her phone. We 'borrowed' it and now have the Roombas duel it out.

We got one for my parents and they love it. For the first month, my mother would leave the light on in the room and talk to it. She can use her phone and she called me laughing because she was treating like it was alive.

I also have a Scooba but, that is a post for another time.