Thursday, May 30, 2013

Duck Tape and Ugly Baskets - Perfect Together

I adore the Pintester blog. If you have ever seen a fabulous pin on Pinterest and then tried it at home and then failed, then the Pintester is the blog for you. (NSFW language)

Jazz hands!

So, the Pintester dared us to test our own pins and then blog about it. Usually, I call one friend and force them to listen to me brag about actually trying something I found on the Interwebs.

So, I fired up the old blog. I found a comment that needed approval. One comment. At least it was a nice comment.

I found this washi tape basket craft on Pinterest and wandered over to the blog to get more information. The Washi Blog has a zillion cute crafts using washi tape. Washi tape is cute and patterned craft tape. I believe it started in Japan and found it's way into the hearts of crafters here in the US.
Washi Tape Basket; for more inspiration and washi projects visit | #washi #washitape

I didn't have any washi tape but I did have ugly baskets.

Later that week, the family went to 5 Below. Husband needed an accessory for his tablet and I wanted to see if they had washi tape. They didn't. They did have Duck tape. Little tiny Duck tapes. (.75 x 180 in) I couldn't find a link on the Duck Tape site but I found the cute pattern I used.

Since they were 3 for $5, I bought 3 patterns. When I got the tape home, I noticed that they were too wide for one of the two ugly baskets. I bought these baskets at CVS about 10 years ago. The one with the wider wickers has been sitting inside my nightstand holding my assorted nightstand products gathering dust and ugliness.

I sat down at my desk, started up an episode of Mad Men and got to work.

I pulled out the tape and measured it against the small sections and then cut the tape. It wasn't hard and it took less time than the Mad Men episode. (I wanted at least one purse and one lamp from the episode)
Ta da!

It looks cute and summery.

Now, I'm searching the house for other naked baskets to tape!

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