Monday, June 24, 2013

Mom's First Staycation

I am a mom. I am home alone (with dog). I will be home alone for a week. 

How did this happen?

Well, MIL loves cruising and her health is rapidly declining. I said to DH, you DS and your mom should go on a cruise. SIL and family invited themselves along.

I have a weird balance issue called Mal de Debarquement also known as Drunken Sailor Syndrome! I discovered I had it after taking my first cruise in 2001. I was fine on the boat but when I was on land, I became dizzy.  Unfortunatly, it can become permanent. So, no cruise for me!

MIL having a family cruise is more important then, well, no cruise. Because of her health, a family park, like Disney, is too rough. A cruise is contained and she can sit in a deck chair talking to strangers while she knits. 

Sunday afternoon, I dropped MIL, DH and DS at the docks and drove home. For dinner, I made myself salmon (on sale at Whole Foods) rice and broccoli. Brownies baked while I ate. The dog stared at me while I ate. I painted my nails and had a peaceful night.

Today, Monday, I ate some of the brownies for breakfast, went to the gym, made a microwave meal around 3:30pm and ate more brownies for dinner. My day fit into one sentence.

The TiVo is almost empty and Netflix streaming has a limited selection of shows. I might get so bored that I am forced to clean!

I like being alone. For Mother's day, Husband got me a two night stay in a hotel by myself. I loved it! DH travels a lot and is a premier member. I got to use the concierge level for snacks and water. The TV and computer games were free-flowing from my computer.

It's not as much fun being home. My obligations speak to me as I walk past them. The dirty clothes want me to wash them. The silverware drawer wants to be cleaned out. The beds want new sheets.

Okay, I do fulfill my obligations to the dog.

Let's see how the rest of my staycation plays out.

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