Monday, November 10, 2014

Zep Sponsored Cleaning

I just joined Crowdtap! I will dedicate another post to Crowdtap and it's program later but for now, I want to type about the sponsored sampling opportunity I got with Zep cleaners.

I enjoyed my experience. This was my first time trying a Zep product and I was impressed.  Zep handled different jobs around my house with power and ease. I was able to remove stuck-on food and a few mystery stains.

Here is a picture of my sample and the instruction sheet.

So, I went around the house and looked for stains that would challenge the cleaners.

First, I went for the rust stain left on my sink by my brass scouring pad. (The shinier cousin of steel wool.) I had attempted to clean the brass stain off the sink using my vinegar cleaner. I gave up after a few scrubs. My theory was that I was going to find a tougher cleaner and try again later. I didn't

Husband got me a cleaning crew for our anniversary. Husband is a good husband.

The crew did a great job cleaning the floors and de-stanking the boy's bathroom.

The brass stain remained.

I used a few spritzes (the sample was a tiny bottle) of the Zep All-Around Oxy Cleaner & Degreaser and waited the recommended 1 minute. I wiped off the stain with a paper towel. The brass stain the professional cleaners didn't remove came off without any effort.

Impressive! Normally, I have to scrub, rub or let the stain 'soak' for a while.

I was also able to clean a nasty stain behind the toilet. Yes, one of those nasty ones.


This time, I use the Zep Quick Clean Disinfectant and waited 2 minutes. It was worth the wait. Again, I  was able to remove the nastiness easily and quickly with a paper towel.

I have been using the Zep samples since I have completed the Zep challenges. So far, I really like the product. I would actually spend money on Zep in the future. That is the real result of the sampling.

Did I like it?: Yes
Would I buy it with my own money?: YES

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