Wednesday, April 26, 2006

When you actually want to go to the gym

I haven't posted in a while for no good reason. Well, a sort of a good reason. Well, it's a reason.

I think there is some validity to the "Body in Motion" theory. I haven't been able to go to the gym for over two months. Every time I took the toddler to the babysitting area, he got sick. Now, I don't mean 'achoo, I have a cold' sick. I mean 5th disease, strep, stomach virus sick. It was bad enough that he gets sick from other kids in the playgroup but this was too much. I know it is good for them to get all this stuff out of the way and, in theory, it strenthtens their immune systems. But, 5th disease??? Did you even know there was a disease they were too lazy to name?

The toddler began to hate the gym. I don't know if it was because he was already sick and just didn't want to leave me or if he knew the place was teeming with plague.

Not having that time to myself. Not being able to do something that will help me get back in shape. Not having a few moments a day when I didn't have to, well, look after the toddler. I missed it. You don't need to post a nasty comment, I feel guilty for missing it but, I stopped going, didn't I?

The days dragged on. I realized I was calling people constantly. I was lonely and bored. We stopped going to playgroup and stopped having playdates. I didn't want him to get sick or, when he was sick, didn't want to infect others. This meant I was isolated. The house was a disaster. I was exhausted by the end of the day and didn't have much to show for it.

Today, we went to the gym. The toddler saw the toys and left my side. I was happy. There were a few pittiful 'Mamma' s before I left. I kept peeking in the windows. I did hear him crying but it didn't last long. The babysitters were wonderful. They got him playing with trucks. He wasn't happy but he wasn't unhappy. I peeked a few more times and he stayed in the same place for most of the hour. Everytime someone opened a door (there are quite a few in this small gym) I thought they were coming for me. "Your child is hysterical, come get him"! I did some weights, I did the treadmill and I took a shower. I even got to shave and sit in the sauna!

I have hope again.

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