Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Moody Blahs

Ever get into a blah funk?

I seem to be in a funk th is evening and can't find a reason why. I wonder if it has to do with me not getting to the gym in a few days? The last time I had a funk, I had just written a story...

A few weeks ago, I started writing a story. It started out in my head as a what could have been scenario. I had a friend I met in high school. We started hanging out my senior year and continued through most of my college years. The only time we spent together was during summers and school breaks since I went to school out of state. I refer to him as the boyfriend that wasn't. We never did anything to consumate the relationship. I'm talking nothing, like in no kissing, nothing. In every other way, he was a boyfriend. A mutual friend told me he never made a move because I was out of state more than in. I told my husband about this relationship. He said it was kind of sad because it was a relationship of what could have been. He's happy it didn't work out but he understands the weirdness. He's a good husband.

I began to put on paper a scenario about what could have happened if I hadn't found my husband and went back to New York. Okay, there was a lot of fiction involved. I had no reason to move back, no job prospects, parents had moved, friends had moved, I was living with evil Ex-Jeff. I couldn't decide if I wanted to do it as Romantica or just a romance. The sex scenes could be fun to write.

Husband suggested a few scenarios and possible plot points. I mixed what I remembered of Matt (forgot to mention his name) and some of my favorate traits of my husband. Husband has some good romantic hero traits. I had us, I mean the heroine and hero travel to my favorate city, Vegas. I just can't decide if I want to finish it or just leave it as a brain cleaning. I had the thought of what could have been and I got it out. Some writers feel that their writing is cathartic. Maybe that is all I needed. I don't fancy myself a writer. I don't have the discipline. Although, Husband and I have talked about writing a sci-fi/fantasy book for fun.

Should I finish my story? Should I make it into novel length? Should I just chalk this up to a mommy moment?

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