Sunday, February 07, 2010

Mom in a storm

Snowmageddon 2010.

Well, we bought food, we charged the chargeable stuff, we got extra batteries, we got a few bundles of wood and, we were still under-prepared. I think the final snow-fall total was 31 inches. We we in one of the heavier-hit areas.

We first lost power Friday night around 9pm. My son woke up and was both frightened and excited. We gathered all the flashlights and prepared ourselves for a dark night. The best part was my son running around with his Fisher Price flashlight helping us find things in the dark. We went around the house turning off the things that had been left on and went to bed. Son slept with me so I could calm him down after all the blackout excitement.

The power came back on around 2am and back out at 7am.

Here's where it got tough as a mom. At 7pm, the house was down to 54deg, by midnight it had gotten below 40deg. I didn't sleep well thinking about having to keep my 5 year old warm without electricity. We only have a few bundles of wood and it was still going to be very cold at night. I was able to keep him warm under the blankets but, he is a restless sleeper so, I spent a lot of my night re-covering him (as well as getting kicked and elbowed).

Montgomery County, Maryland is spending all of it's resources keeping the major roads clean. If it's not a major highway, it's not going to get done until Tuesday. Our development is usually one of the last to get plowed. Another snow fall is being predicted. If we can get out, my husband plans to grab as much firewood as he can. I'm guessing there won't be any kerosene heaters left in any of the stores.

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